How to apply Full Lace Wigs

Every lace wig or extension stay put and looks natural when applied correctly “so does the full lace wig. You can even put them on during any sporting event or activity with it coming off or causing any form of discomfort. When you put on your full lace wigs or lace front wigs correctly, only you will know that your luxurious looking hairs are not yours.


Wear a flesh-colored wig cap, and tucked all of your hairs into the cap. Try adjusting the wig cap until it sits at the front of your hairline. If you're not a fan of the wig cap, then just comb your hair backward and make sure they are away from your scalp line.


If this is the first time you're using the wig, you should trim the lace of the full lace wig, but if this isn't the first time, you don't have to trim the lace again if it has already been trimmed by the manufacturer. In order to trim the hair, you need to wear the wig. Make use of hair clips to attach the wig hair back away from your scalp line, then trim any lace that is longer than the wig hairline with the help of sharp scissors. Get rid of any small amount of lace at a time in other to prevent any form of accidental cutting. Do this step with caution so you won't cut any of your wig hair. You should leave at least 1 inch of hair to stick past your wig hairline and not more.


Damp a cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol and clean the skin of your hairline. This is to get rid of the body oils that prevent the adhesive of the wig from sticking properly.


At this step, you should apply any scalp protector to the skin close to your hairline. This step is necessary for people with sensitive skin.

Attach the wig of the tape to the edge of your full lace wigs. The wig tap is usually attached to the edges of the lace beneath the wig. You can either make use of just the wig tape, or use them with wig adhesives.

Use a cotton swab to add a thin layer of wig adhesive to your scalp, leave the adhesive for your minutes as recommended by the directions on the label to dry. You can either make use of only the wig adhesive or use it with the wig tape.


Place full lace wig on your head. In order to find the front-center of Perruque easily, you have to part the hair on the wig. This will help reveal the hairline. You should line the middle of the wig's hairline to the center of your forehead at the hairline. Put pressure on the edges of the wig for five seconds so the adhesive can stick properly to your skin. Now you can style the wig as you want.

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